Hello, I am so thrilled you landed here! 

My name is Elle Antoinette and I am a caring wife, dedicated therapeutic self-care strategist for women and. I am a woman who was born with a passion to create a life that is not only happy but also meaningful. I have always believed that there is no better way to do say than helping others reach their fullest potential. 

Besides my BA Degree in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Human Services, I am also a certified coach. With my 12 years work experience as a social worker who serves women and families, I got to realize that life is about having compassion and love for everyone around us. So, I set my mind straight and founded I am Elle Services. The latter has become my bridge to inspire, assist and empower those daring female souls to take action and reinvent their life to a definitely happier and healthier one! 

Helping women healing using self-care coaching strategies has become my cup of tea. I always make sure that women’s journey on I am Elle Services is truly transformative. Here they are given the necessary training and guidance to help them free themselves and BE who they really are. I am here to devote all my energy and expertise to help women all over the world shift their life into another successful and powerful direction.