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For 90 minutes, I will help you wipe away the old makeup residue (old habits, burnout, etc.) by laying your foundation internally (boundaries & more) and externally (create your signature look).

During Our Lipstick Therapy Session, we will walk through these four areas

2. Get Clarity on Your Needs.

Let’s stop playing small and minimizing by putting everyone else’s needs before your own. We need to liberate ourselves of the jaded narrative of being everyone’s backbone, strong friend, etc. The time is now to eliminate your drowning thoughts, and the self-assigned busy work and do things that fulfill you as well as align with what you value as a woman. Here I will help you create space for what you need  (Skin Care Assessment)

4. Operating in Confidence :

               Your Elevation Action Plan

Now all the talking and creating is cute, but this will require a plan of action, committing to that plan and honoring that commitment. Now is the time where we will let’s nail down your strategy and revamp your priority (focus) list so that you can assert yourself to set boundaries without guilt, get balanced and maintain your inner and outer beauty (skin care routine and personalized curated makeup product list.)  

3. Learn to apply Foundational Wisdom


As a woman, I want to inspire others, and makeup helps me in doing that. How you portray yourself to the world tells a lot about how you feel about yourself.  By reuniting with your inner makeup (true essence) you will realize your true value proposition and come to appreciate the whole self (spirit, mind, emotions and body). Here you will learn the foundational principles of applying wisdom in order to breaking up with burnout and how to apply your foundation .

  1. Discover what is draining YOU


There are days when we do not feel like doing anything, but the feeling of drowsiness, worthlessness and burnout have to cease.  Let’s get over the mindset that you are required to be everyone’s everything. You have home (inner) work and it is time to release the work of others (Self-Care Assessment). 



I loved our sessions. She is practical and down-to-earth with her experience and knowledge. I also love her selfie planner, and as a future therapist I highly recommend the tools and techniques she uses especially for us as women. Plus, her kindness and wisdom are amazing.  Thank you for everything!!

-A. Murako