Self-Care Sis,That Doesn't Break the Bank!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Most times, when the word self-care pops up, it’s easy to think only in terms of “treating” yourself. However, if you’re on a tight budget, this mindset can be frustrating. That is why it’s very important to know how to practice self-care on a budget. Don’t forget that methods of self-care differ depending on the individual and if some people’s method of showing themselves care is by taking shopping trips to the mall, which is totally fine! Just because those things are not within your budget, doesn’t you don’t need to go without treating yourself. All you need to do is, approach it differently.

Self-care should not be something you stress about or something that puts you into a financial bind. Self-care is simply about feeling flexible to your own needs and lifestyle. What’s working for other people may not work for you, and that’s fine! But that doesn’t make you less worthy of self-care or make you less important and special. In fact, doing little things for yourself regularly can have a huge positive impact in terms of self-confidence and self-esteem and these two plays a major role in your day-to-day happiness and overall mental health. Here are a few ways you can practice self-care without breaking the bank.

Connect with people you care about

Even the busiest people on earth still finds time for laughs or conversations that leaves us happy afterward. It may not necessarily be a face to face catch up session, you can Facebook with those you care about, or Skype, call, and even email. By connecting with your loved ones, you can help strengthen your support system and remind yourself that you’re loved and valued. It’s also a good way to feel “present” in other people’s lives, even if you’re not in the same city.

Clean and organize your living space

When life gets stressful or busy, it becomes more difficult to take care of your home. Sometimes an act of self-care can mean cleaning and organizing your living space, donating what you no longer use, throwing away junk. If you feel like you're in a funk or craving change, then rebooting a room can scratch that itch for something new without you needing to buy new items or look for a new place to live.

Go for a walk

Walking don’t just increase oxygen intake, better circulation, and burns calories. Walking can also shed stress and enhance calm energy, making it a good way to practice self-care. According to a Vancouver sports psychologist, Laura Farres “mindful walking means that you’re living in the moment”. Mindful walking helps you feel peaceful and in touch with your body, with reduced stress.

Eat as healthy as possible and take a lot of water